Under the weather

imageWell this is great!  I take my first steps into the world of blogging and then someone kindly gives me a cold.  What’s my blog about – getting outside….. So nothing to add except that it looked lovely from my window. Happy New Year.


3 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. Rhonda Wiley-Jones

    Even if you have a cold and cannot get out, you could tell your readers about what you like about walking, exploring, being in nature on a day like this when you cannot. What do you miss about not getting to walk? Use an unexpected day like this to write about walking in nature and its importance to you. Just take another angle on the subject.

    You asked how to get others to walk with you. Here are some ideas (there have to be thousands, not 3 or 4). One, talk about how good it feels when you get back from a walk. Two, share with others what you saw, smelled, experienced. Three, invite them to join you to “explore” instead of “walk”. Four, ask co-workers if they want to try walking with you for a week and see if it is something they want to do on a regular basis. Just try it.

    Because you love the outdoors, others will become envious of your daily outings.

    I wrote in my coming-of-age travel memoir, At Home in the World: Travel Stories of Growing Up and Growing Away, in the next-to-last chapter about my 1980 trip to the UK and Ireland with everything on my back. I walked, trekked by train, and bussed my way across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. You will find it on the book menu on my blog/website and how to order it.


    1. It's lovely out Post author

      Hello and thank you for your comments. I did send an email this morning but thought I should do the same here. I hope you don’t mind. For someone as new to blogging as me it’s so useful to have comments from someone who is obviously far more experienced. I’m looking forward to connecting with lots of people doing something we all enjoy – sharing stories and views about things we are passionate about. Rhonda I will certainly take a look at your work. Thanks again.



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