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WordPress Photo Challenge : Shine

It’s that time of the year when spider webs appear almost everywhere.  In October mists, as the temperature drops, they shine out when covered in dew.




One backpack just isn’t enough

Christmas has just come early for me in the shape of a new backpack.  Not everyone’s idea of an exciting purchase but it couldn’t be better for me. My trusty banana coloured Osprey (22 litre) daysack has experienced wintery showers and summer heat, ridges and trails, scrambles and even a few city shopping trips and never let me down but we have something in mind for next year (in its early planning stage) that means more litres are required!

Having this new purple 30 litre Osprey (women’s fit) should be just the trick.  Take a look at it and I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s a lovely bit of kit!


Oh and the map its sitting on will be needed next year too – if all goes to plan.

I have suddenly felt sorry for my old pack so had to photograph that too – it still has a few miles left in it.


WordPress Challenge : Local

Local(ish) – in our home county of Norfolk, in the village of Cley.  We have walked through this village many times avoiding a steady stream of cars on day trips.  Every now and then an old car comes through turning heads and raising smiles.

When I took this shot earlier this year I thought I’d missed it.  I hadn’t even spotted the postman waving.  Two locals perhaps?



Right around Cornwall on foot (almost)

Two weeks ago we sat at Padstow Harbour in the warm late September sun enjoying Bubblegum flavoured ice cream and patting ourselves on the back for a job well done.  Our mission accomplished. 100 miles in 10 days.


We’ve had 7 weeks walking the South West Coastal Path over the last two years and, from our calculations, have covered 244 miles.  We’re delighted – firstly with our achievement (does that big headed?) and secondly to have seen so much of the incredible coast down on the South West tip of our country.  We’ve been lucky with the weather.  This means our walks have been slowed due to the photography and filming and stopping for a coffee (with a view) along the way.  That’s our excuse anyway!

“What bits were best”?  – a question we just can’t answer.  All of it, most of it.

Apart from the spectacular scenery there’s the wildlife, animals and birds along the way : the grazing cattle, ponies and sheep, the hovering kestrels and lots of unknown sea birds, seals, porpoise, and a pod of dolphins.  The slow worm, barrel jelly fish, song birds, swallows, sand martins, beetles.  Butterflies fluttering out of hedgerows like dust.  We’ve tried to photograph them all.



The plants and trees.  Huge tropical specimens, pretty flowers, bluebells and brambles. Miles and miles of brambles all covered in sweet blackberries taking us back to our childhood and supplying us with extra healthy snacks along the way.

Then of course, there’s the small villages tucked away amongst the rocky headlands and larger towns spread out along river estuaries – some still with working harbours.  The fishing boats, ferries and sail craft.  The bunting stretched across the streets.



Other things that come to mind.  The different coloured sand and the incredible rock, the smell of seaweed – sometimes strong sometimes surprisingly nice.  The many buses we used to allow us to complete linear walks including the free ride we had when the ticket machine didn’t work and we were the only ones on-board.  The boat trips, the helicopters, the naval boats and the wind.


Almost always we had a view out across the ocean.


My advice is take a trip down to Cornwall and explore the coastal path.  We only have a small section of the path in Cornwall to complete so we need to decide and plan our next trip.  Somerset, Devon or Dorset?  Decisions, decisions.

For the time being I may come back to Cornwall, from time to time, to detail some of our walks.