WordPress Challenge : Wanderlust

The South West Coastal Path covers 630 miles.  So far Tim and I have completed 281 miles in weekly holidays.

Just last week we walked another 40 miles from the counties of East Devon into Dorset.  This is a link to my latest post if you’d like to take a peak….

The Jurassic Coast (Part 1)

Or check an older post about Cornwall :-

South West Costal Path – Cornwall

We are on a mission and, we hope, nothing will stop us!





10 thoughts on “WordPress Challenge : Wanderlust

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    1. Selina Post author

      It’s great hiking. We’ve hiking in the north west of the British Isles – all mountains and tough map reading. This has been so different. Though there are plenty of ups and downs! Impressed by your money saving tips! We usually (for the last few years) stay in self catering accommodation and take/buy our own supermarket food and eat in in the evening. This saves a fortune!!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person


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