WordPress Challenge : Scale

imageA ridge called Crib Goch in Snowdonia, North Wales.

This photograph was taken during our second crossing of this ridge – just ahead of us you can just see a couple of people scrambling their way across the rocks.  It helps to show the sheer scale of the place.

Our first crossing of this ridge was part of a route called The Snowdon Horseshoe and is detailed in an earlier posting.  If you would like to read it please do follow this link – I’d love to receive comments.





7 thoughts on “WordPress Challenge : Scale

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  2. Mabel Kwong

    Wonderful shot and the rocks look massive. It must be a hard climb or at least challenging – and it looked very rocky from the photos of your other post. Good to know you climbed high and the views look amazing 🙂

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    1. Selina Post author

      It is a bit of a challenge. But if you’ve got a good head for heights and like the mountains then it’s possible for any reasonably fit person. Thank you very much for your comment – appreciate it. 😀

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