Weekly Prompts : Top of the hill

Oh how I miss the WordPress weekly photo challenge.  This new challenge ‘Weekly Prompts’ is a great idea.

This is the first of many from me I hope.

Enjoyed a snowy week in the Lake District this February.  The weather was just perfect for winter walking up high in the hills.  For the first time we had some micro spikes for our boots which made our treks really easy…though we were still huffing and puffing to reach the tops.

This photo was taken on Grizedale Pike.  Just as we got to the top a band of cloud appeared to block the sun (that had shone brightly all the way up) but the views were still incredible.

We dug a hole in the snow and enjoyed our lunch.


Photo Challenge Top of the Hill


4 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts : Top of the hill

  1. Sue W

    Hello Selina! What a view, it’s stunning! I’m so glad you found us here on Weekly Prompts. We also have a midweek wordprompt on Wednesdays and seeing as you’ve read my own stuff on Nan’s farm you’ll know we are very flexible with our challenges. We are hoping to create challenges that are sometimes humorous as well as pretty straight forward. I look forward to seeing you here again soon. Thank you for joining us!

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