Word Prompt – Supernatural

A challenging word prompt this week!  I did a quick Google search and this usually appeared…

The supernatural is something that cannot be explained by scientific understanding or the laws of nature. 

That didn’t help me much as I scanned my photo collection.  The best I could do was this.

Scary stuff eh!?  Actually the bright light (dot) in the sky is Father Christmas and his sleigh taken on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago.  Sorry about the poor quality photo – I was shaking with excitement.

At least the Father Christmas story is how I explained it to my niece – who seemed to believe me.

Actually it was the space station travelling across the sky but hey that’s as close a supernatural thing as I’d like to see.

Heres my niece looking at Father Christmas.



Photo Challenge Supernatural


2 thoughts on “Word Prompt – Supernatural

  1. Sue W

    Oh Selina, I love your story of Father Christmas flying across the sky! It’s wonderful and magical and I thank you. Sorry about the tricky prompt. I had intended to save until Halloween but I’m taking a break for a couple of weeks and GC will be writing the next few prompts. Thank you so much 🙂



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