Weekly Prompts : Comparison

Thanks to the Weekly Prompts photo challenge I’ve been going back, way way back in time. Looking for ‘comparison’ ideas.

Doing this led me on to staring at old cine film taken by my dad.

As a bit of a test, rather strangely you may think, I took one of two photos while watching these old family home movies.   Unfortunately this doesn’t work too well and the quality of the film wasn’t that great anyway but hey it was worth trying.  Below is the best close up scene of me, my brother and sister sitting on a park bench (me in the middle), in Regents Park trying to behave for my dad who was taking the film.

The second shot was taken two years ago (43 ish years later).  Not outside on a park bench but indoors at a family get together.

My brother and sister are not always as keen as me to have their photo taken.  They have, in my mind, grown up, where I have not.  However you can still compare photos and see that we are most definitely those small people in the first image.

Thanks dad for taking all that film.  And for passing on the love of using a camera to me.


Photo Challenge Comparison


4 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts : Comparison

    1. Selina Post author

      Thank you Violet. I think we all stay the same if we are able to let it stay if you know what I mean….not sure I make sense but hey. thanks again for your comment.



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