Weekly Prompts : Advent

We are so late at putting up our Christmas decorations this year, so late with our tree – just so late.  Strangely we were ever so good at sending our cards – they all went last week.  To me that’s usually the first sign of Advent – standing in line at the Post Office for those Christmas stamps.  And, it’s always good to receive a little extra post through the letter box isn’t it?  I’m talking about post that’s actually addressed to you.  In this age of computer gadgetry and electronic messaging that would, quite honestly, frighten the life out of my grandparents if they were alive – I just like opening envelopes I suppose.   Not that Christmas wishes via the mystical ways of the Internet are less appreciated or heartfelt …

Thinking about this old tradition of sending and receiving cards, we received a novel one from some old friends yesterday that I thought I should share it.

For those of you at a certain age you may find this funny – think The Two Ronnies sketch…..it’s a classic.


Oh and if you’ve never seen this classic piece of comedy I’ve found it on YouTube. If you have seen it – enjoy.

Apologies for straying away from proper Advent things with this…..and my usual outdoorsy posts come to that.


Photo Challenge Advent


3 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts : Advent

  1. Sue W

    Hello Selina. I’m the other way around, the decorations are up but I haven’t written my cards and that’s despite having purchased them Two or three weeks ago.

    I would dearly love to cut down on sending cards and maybe just focus on a dozen or so special older people I never see anymore. I’ve asked my family not to send cards to me. It seems such a waste and especially as I see them several times a week. They can just wish me a Happy Christmas.

    I have always loved the Two Ronnies, the fork handles sketch is hilarious. Thank you for using it here and thank you again for linking to us. 🙂

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    1. Selina Post author

      I agree, sometimes sending cards seems a bit silly when you see people regularly. At work we’ve almost stopped – agreeing to contribute to a local charity is very popular. Last year it was small charity that takes miniature Donkeys out to visit people – care homes, special schools, etc. Two came to visit our office (though they stayed outside) and it was a real treat. Made everyone feel quite Christmassy too.

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