New Year : A year of walking (approx 700 miles)

A quick look back over the last twelve months and that has meant checking through lots and lots of photos of us – almost all of them with our walking boots on, striding out and ticking off the miles.  Phew we’ve really have done quite a lot.  With the weather having been so grey over the last few weeks it’s been a treat to see so many ‘sunny’ photos.

Inspired by a photographic challenge with the word ‘Walking’ here’s a quick review of our year with a single photo for each season.  Thanks Sue and GC, this was an easy one for me to take part in!

Winter (in the Lake District, Cumbria)

Spring (Devon)

Summer (Norfolk, oh my goodness it was so warm)

Autumn (Norfolk – see it’s not all flat ground in our home county!)

Happy New Year everyone.  Sorry I’m so late.  Hope it’s a happy and healthy one.

Photo Challenge Walking


5 thoughts on “New Year : A year of walking (approx 700 miles)

  1. Sue W

    Great pictures Selina. 700 miles! Oh you put me to shame! I’ve followed your treks with interest so I know it must have taken a long time to choose your photographs. Thank you for joining us again. 🙂

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    1. Selina Post author

      Thank you Sue. Loved this challenge. My hope is that I am inspiring family, friends or strangers to get out and walk if possible – even if it’s a mile or two, even in bad weather. There’s so much more that I need to write about.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sue W

        I need to increase the frequency of my walks. I’ve done very little since a chest infection in the autumn dragged on for weeks. You are an inspiration Selina, make no doubt about it.


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