Under big skies : Norfolk

Our home country of Norfolk is known for big skies. The land is generally flat so I suppose it gives you more sky to look at.  Nothing or not much to block the clouds or blue view!

This posting includes photographs taken only in Norfolk with, what I hope, are some nice looking skies.

This first one is a misty view of dunes and sky with the village if Winterton on Sea as a distant backdrop.  The church is the only thing visible as a silhouette.  It was taken on one of our regular ‘home’ walks back in January 2017.

Just last weekend we saw the sun setting at the end of a long walk near Waxham.  Once again taken from a dune which I had frantically scrambled up (through brambles!) from a lower footpath.  Not hugely dramatic but i was pleased with it after my efforts.

Sometimes it’s what’s moving through the sky that grabs your attention!  A lunch stop on the beach near Horsey. Had to be quick with the camera.

If we’re just out for a picnic we take our trusty Sportbrella and pitch it wherever we like.  That orange glow looks best under moody skies!  This is Weybourne in North Norfolk.

More often than not its that typical Norfolk scene that we love, it’s how Norfolk is recognised.  This is Horsey Mill recently renovated to its former glory.

Photo Challenge Sky

8 thoughts on “Under big skies : Norfolk

    1. Selina Post author

      Thank you Sue. I thought I had replied to your comment but on checking today it looks like it disappeared. The Sportbrella is very handy, like a giant umbrella it’s so much easier than a beach tent. Regarding clouds we always gaze at them and spot faces or just other things. Usually done in the summer with a glass of something while sitting in a garden lounger. Oh can you see the squirrel in the photo with the plane? It’s a bit vague….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sue W

        Couldn’t resist it so looked anyway. Yes I see the squirrel, then turned it slightly and saw a duck! Also spotted your first comment! 😀


      2. Selina Post author

        Oh dear – sorry about my double reply! Thanks for both of your replies! It’s so lovely to get comments. You are very encouraging Sue – must have been a great teacher.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sue W

        Don’t apologise, and by coincidence I doubled up on one of my replies today! 😂 Thank you so much for that kind comment, how lovely.


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