Getting close to cattle on footpaths

Just saying Good Morning

Once upon a time one of the biggest fears Tim and I had when out and about walking was meeting cattle.  We would scramble across stiles and edge our way around fields.

So many stories of walkers being chased or worse, trampled, when crossing fields played on our minds.

However, over the many years of walking, we have only once been really scared.  That was up in the Lake District when we had no where to go and a herd was heading along the same path as us.  We escaped up a steep rocky bank and they passed by.  Mooing loudly as they went!

Be careful if you have a dog and be respectful if they have young and you shouldn’t really have any problems.

Here are a few photos which show how brave we have managed to get.

Cattle – always curious. We admired this one more than most.

Some have lovely fluffy hair styles

Regular milking stock

Best of all are the Highland cattle.  Surprisingly at home in Norfolk and Cornwall.

Quite fearsome but just like teddy bears

Up close but friendly

Quite at home on the coast

Photo Challenge Close


4 thoughts on “Getting close to cattle on footpaths

  1. SueW

    Wonderful creatures. As a child we used to walk across the field to take a short cut to the park. We were Often chased by the cows. It was many years later that I learnt that cows associate humans with hay or a bucket or bag of feed, it’s the food they are after.
    Lovely photos Serena and thank you for sharing them for our challenge 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Selina Post author

      Must have been a bit scary as a child. Yes I think those Lake District cows thought it was feeding time though we could see that they were good climbers too as their hoof prints were visible quite high up on the steep rocky bank we clambered up (in the mud between the rocks).

      Liked by 1 person


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