A lane with a funny name

‘Ok, hang on, I’ll need to step back into the road to get your feet in’.

Now that he had the camera in his hands Tim was risking life and limb to take this photo.  And it was such a brave thing to do with the tears of laughter in his eyes blurring his vision.  He could hardly keep the camera steady with his giggling.

Sometimes I could kick myself.  I’d been the one that had spotted this unusual street road sign and laughed saying ‘oh look isn’t that a strange name, ha, ha’.

Oh well.  Just give it your best old smile I thought.

We were on a long walk in North Norfolk on a boiling hot day.  Starting at Blakeney we walked the coast path to Cley then inland to Glandford over Wiveton Down and back to Blakeney.

Cley next the sea

Here are just a few photos of Cley – a village that used to have a thriving harbour but is now surrounded by marshland on its northern edge.  So it isn’t actually next to the sea anymore but occasionally gets threatened by it!

The sea has been replaced by marsh at Cley.

The main road (coast road) that runs through Cley – in the summer months it’s a bottleneck for traffic passing through.

An old trade still continues.

The Picnic Fayre Deli. Well worth a visit.

One of the lanes running up from the Main Street.

Cley Church dating back to 1320-1340

As you can see flint (cobbles or knapped) are used widely with brick in the buildings and walls throughout the village.

Finally here is a photo of what I always imagine when I think of a lane.  A small walkway between buildings.  I don’t know it’s name but there are a few of them in Cley and I love them.  More than the one I mentioned at the start of this post!

One of the lanes running up from the Main Street.


Word/Photo Challenge ‘The Street’


5 thoughts on “A lane with a funny name

  1. SueW

    Gosh, it’s such a long time since I was in Norfolk, we spent two long summers there, idyllic with gorgeous weather.
    I laughed out loud at you stood next to the Old Womans Lane Street sign.
    I love your street pictures but I’d call your little narrow lane a snicket .

    Do you know, out of all the street names such as Road, Avenue, Drive etc, my late husband and I spent our whole lives living on various lanes, never anything else. Between us we lived on Church Lane, Calverley Lane, Morris Lane, Broad Lane and Old Lane!

    Thank you for joining us again, Selina 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Selina Post author

    Ah how lovely that you lived on Lanes. All with sensible names too! I’m pleased you enjoyed my photo, I just knew it would come in handy at some point so thank you for giving me the opportunity. I’m off to look up snicket…



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