Fireworks celebrate end of South West Coast Path

Dartmouth celebrates the end of a three day annual regatta every summer with a spectacular fireworks display.  The events take place on the River Dart (including the fireworks display) – all of which attracts thousands of visitors.

Fireworks on the river Dart

We just happened to be on holiday and staying just outside the town of Dartmouth in Devon early in September 2018, our final trip down to the West Country, which saw the end of our South West Coast Path challenge.

The fireworks on that warm evening of 1st September was a happy coincidence and one we will never forget.  Sea shanties and great food being sold from market stalls made the whole experience and visit something I can recommend.

More fireworks on the river Dart

Just in case anyone wonders whether the 630 mile trail finishes at Dartmouth – it doesn’t.  It’s just the way things worked for us as we did our walking in section hikes on different trips.  I really must make a start on documenting the whole thing – from start to finish!  The actual start is Minehead in Somerset, the finish is Poole in Dorset.

Oh and just in case anyone wants to see what the above night scene looks like in the day here are a couple of photos.

View of Kingswear from Dartmouth

Another view of Kingswear from Dartmouth


Weekend Challenge Celebration

7 thoughts on “Fireworks celebrate end of South West Coast Path

    1. Selina Post author

      Thanks Sue. Pleased to share my celebration photos with you. I’m still having problems not being able to ‘like’ other posts. I think I may have to get a new iPad as that’s what I use and it’s getting old. Someone suggested a different browser – haven’t tried that yet…. It’s very frustrating sometimes isn’t it?

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      1. SueW

        I had the same difficulty for a while. I went online and clicked Like via the Reader. WordPress suggested I stop using Safari. I decided it was the WordPress App and found that everything was okay if I went online and logged into WordPress.
        Another Happiness engineer told me it was the fault of Apple security. I have heard of others having the same problem.

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