Our health is everything

Thursday 26th March 2020

A simple clapping of hands has brought me to tears.

Tonight at 8pm everyone in our street stood at their doorways and windows and clapped. A car horn somewhere beeped constantly. There were cheers. When we paused slightly, in the gloomy dark evening, you could hear distant clapping continuing. Our whole village seemed to be doing the same thing. All for the NHS workers and carers of this country.

This is my first blog post without photos. It doesn’t need any.

I feel happy and sad at the same time.

Wednesday Challenge – Daily Diary

4 thoughts on “Our health is everything

  1. Selina Post author

    Shame Sue. It was quite something.

    We are fine. I had a week annual leave that I had to take before 1st April and am at home with Tim doing lots of outside jobs in the sun while we can. Making the most of it. I even dug a small patch of ground in the garden with a thought to grow vegetables. Never done it before. I might just add another blog post about that. Looking for ideas.

    Not looking forward to next week when I will find out what has been happening. I think our team have been helping GPs set up systems to allow face to face consultations. We only had the briefest of training (1 hour) so that should be interesting….

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