Cycling during challenging times

Cycling.  Once upon a time Tim and I used to do a lot of cycling – covering many miles for fun and the odd cycle event.  We thought now would be a good time to get back on the road and get our cycling legs back.  Certainly, with our quieter roads, cyclists are a lot less vulnerable.

Saturday 10th April 2020

Its been at least two or maybe three years since we have been out on our bikes.  Our walking/hiking adventures kind of took over.  Having had some time to reflect on happy carefree times we thought we should dust the bikes down and pump up the tyres.

A test ride out – close to home during the late afternoon

We had two mid-week test rides, just to get back into the swing of things, then off we went to go a bit further on Saturday.

Springtime in the sunshine. This field is full of oil seed rape.

Leaving the village we passed several families all on their bikes – some with small children.  They can experience cycling on the road for the first time in relative safety.  Go for it I say.  It may never be this peaceful again.

Close to the coast we can follow a ‘coast road’ all the way around our lovely county of Norfolk – where it meets the sea.  Usually at Easter everyone starts to get out and about and cycling can be hazardous.  Not so today.  It was so quiet.  All the small car parks which have access to the sea are closed.  All the waterways and scenic spots deserted.  We reached Horsey Mill and sat for a moment.  

Pausing at Horsey Mill (National Trust)

Onwards we cycled along the middle of the road (just because we could) to the seaside village of Sea Palling.  Normally a magnet for those wanting a bit of beach time…all year round.  Generally it’s heaving on sunny days.  We cycled through and spotted ‘Go Home’ signs on car windscreens.  The message was working – the place was deserted.

Inland we passed a field of highland cattle and other mixed breeds.  We couldn’t help but stop here to admire these animals – unfortunately for them they had no real shelter from the warm sun and looked a bit hot in their fur coats.

Cycling through the other villages on the way home we passed people sitting in their front gardens.  We waved, they waved back.  Happy to see other people.

The main road that we followed near the end of our journey is one we haven’t cycled on for years.  It’s just so busy and can be dangerous.  Less so at the moment.

So we managed to get a good bit of exercise.  

Everyday we thank our good fortune – for where we live and our good health.  We hope to do some more cycling over the next days, weeks, months…. 

Stay safe..


Wednesday Challenge – Vulnerability





4 thoughts on “Cycling during challenging times

  1. SueW

    Good grief, why have I only just spotted this? I think I’m losing my touch lately. Apologies Selina.

    It’s many years since I was in Norfolk, it was busy with holiday makers each time we visited, but what a glorious place to live. We spent two or was it three summers there and going out on the broads was so relaxing.

    I can imagine how much you must be enjoying having those lanes to yourself and so much safer than attempting a walk on narrow paths when other residents have the same idea.
    Thank you, Selina.


  2. Selina Post author

    Thank you Sue. I don’t think you are loosing your touch. You are helping lots of people with your Prompts which is fantastic. You do such a lovely job of keeping in touch with everyone. I came in very late with this one! I’ve got a post that I’ve been writing for weeks …. Will I ever get it finished !!?


    1. Selina Post author

      How restricted are things for you Lisa? We are allowed exercise once a day but there isn’t really a time limit – although it is expected that we don’t travel away from home to start our exercise.Going from home by bike or on foot – pausing to take a drink while doing that is fine.



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