Dolphins delighted us in Dorset

We stood and watched and waited.

We were walking around Portland in Dorset and had reached its southern tip – Portland Bill.  It was as we approached the lighthouse and car park that we overheard someone say that he had just spotted a pod of dolphins and within a minute a small crowd had formed.  

Here we were on rocky headland all looking out to sea. Then suddenly we spotted them – the dolphins were playing with the fishing boat it seemed.  It was their leaping out of the sea every now & then helped us spot them.  Goodness knows how far away they were but for about ten minutes we stood still and we appreciated the sight. 

From close to the Lighthouse at Portland Bill, Dorset – 25th March 2018

This might have been the best photo I got – though it’s a little fuzzy with the amount of zoom I had to do.  The Dolphins had drifted away from the fishing boat or maybe the fishing boat had drifted away from them but I was pleased to capture this moment in time.


This weekend challenge is United Nations Blue.  I am not sure but with the amount of blue in my photo I hope I have managed it! 

Weekend Challege – United Nations Blue

5 thoughts on “Dolphins delighted us in Dorset

    1. Selina Post author

      Tricky shade of blue. Though when i saw the challenge I immediately thought of this photo. Looking at it now it’s not even close. Oh well. Yes, it was a wow moment. Hope you are ok Sue. My Tim has been out today to cut hair for the first time since March – all visors & masks. He’s not very comfortable but giving it a shot and being as careful as he can. It’s almost like he’s gone off to the front line.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SueW

        A very new experience for Tim and a little nerve wrecking m imagine. My hair will remain overgrown with its faded hightlights for a while to come. my hairdresser comes to the house with her child and stays for lunch, I’m not prepared to risk it, and strangely, for someone who’s always been bothered about hair and nails it doesn’t bother me. I will eventually book an appointment in a salon when the rush has subsided, I think I’d feel safer there.


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