Growing vegetables in the garden

26th March to present day

We love our garden.  Being almost entirely herbaceous, with a mix of ever green shrubs and an old Apple tree, the plants and shrubs don’t need an awful lot of attention during the summer months. This has meant our holidays (away from home) could be taken whenever we wanted.

Covid-19 – From 23rd March 2020 we went into lockdown

As we could not go about our normal lives I wondered whether it would be the ideal time to dig up some of the garden and grow vegetables. A patch of ground which used to be an old pond had been covered in but had been left for a year or two.  It’s almost like it was meant to be!  On 26th March I grabbed a spade and made a start.

Preparing the ground

It was at this time that we had just eaten a butternut squash and, having saved the seeds, we planted them into a tray.  

We found some old packets of cornflower seeds in a drawer and Tim scattered them in the middle of our new plot.  Trying to buy other seeds online was impossible – it seemed the whole country had the same idea as us and everyone was out of stock.  Fingers crossed we hoped the cornflowers would give us a show.

Then the butternut squash seeds emerged – infact all of them did!  It was  amazing.

Mid-May and thankfully Garden Centres opened in England just when we needed plants to join our butternut squash for our new project.  We tentatively entered a local centre (with gloves and masks) and bought 3 tomato plants, 3 yellow courgette plants, 10 lettuce seedlings, 1 small Pepper plant, 10 runner bean plants, 10 dwarf beans plants and 20 beetroot seedlings. 

Tim sectioned out the plot and we had a planting plan.

Deciding where to put everything

Friends recommended companion plants and these were bought and planted out too.

The tomatoes went into large terracotta pots.

Just after potting up the tomatoes

We watered and watered and watched and they grew. 

A couple of months growth

And grew.  

The photo below was taken two weeks ago.

Picking courgettes first then lettuce then beetroots then beans.  They have all felt like finding treasure to me.  They tasted good too.  We have more to come.

What a pleasure it has been.  We have learnt new skills and loved eating our own produce.  It has shown us that during these strange times it’s possible to drift away to a more comfortable place amongst plants.

My tip would be to try growing something you can eat.  It’s so much fun.

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11 thoughts on “Growing vegetables in the garden

  1. SueW

    Oh, I love your walled garden!
    What a fabulous idea to grow your own and so rewarding.
    My eldest daughter began to brow veg this year too but in a very small way. Initially, the raised beds were for me but when my back began to play up she took over the planting.

    Hope all is well with you Selina and thank you for taking part. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Selina Post author

      Very well thank you Sue. Well, we had a bit of time to enjoy the garden a bit more so I thought why not try. Actually a small part of me thought it might give us something to eat if food ran short in the shops! I actually thought that. Thankfully it didn’t come to that. Enjoyed every minute.

      Hope you get to sample your daughters produce.

      Liked by 1 person


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