Legal eating out in lockdown

2021 birthday picnic

I took the day off work and had a birthday lunch picnic this week.

Tim and I walked up the coast through a snow covered landscape, stopping for leek & potato soup and a ham sandwich in the dunes. It was wonderful. A few days of snowy weather has transformed Norfolk into a winter wonderland.

Some people (probably most people) would think we were a bit mad to want to sit out in all weathers eating.  Most people would prefer to eat pub food and drink.  But for us it’s quite normal, adds to a walk and is very convenient.  It means we can pick a time and place that feels best.  A packed lunch is better than a packed pub ….though of course there isn’t a choice at the moment!

Out of our packs we pull our faithful sandwich boxes and drink bottles. In winter we also have thermos flasks or even a camp stove to heat water but these are relative newcomers to our packs. It’s the same plastic boxes and drinks bottles that have been around for about 20 years or more.

So we celebrated this week with alfresco food & drink and we thank our plastic friends who have travelled with us on just about every walk we do, never letting us down.  

All of the following photos include our picnic boxes and/or bottles.

A quick drink before it snows again!

A very comfortable tree picnic

Somewhere along the south west coast path picnic with a view

A mountain top picnic

A cliff top boat filming picnic

Forest walk bench picnic

An inversion in the Lake District drink

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Plastic

6 thoughts on “Legal eating out in lockdown

  1. SueW

    I’m glad we gave you a plastic challenge because I’ve enjoyed seeing your photos with your old faithfuls accompanying you on your walks and picnics. Love your snowy birthday lunch!
    Happy Belated Birthday, Selina. 🎂

    Liked by 1 person


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