St Govans Chapel, Pembrokeshire, Wales

One week ago we were travelling back home from Wales.  

Earlier this year we booked two catering cottages for two weeks in Pembrokeshire, a part of Wales that we’d not been to before. We hoped that by mid-May 2021 we would be able to travel and travel we did.  Our wish came true and we had a great time, enjoying a good mix of weather, some wonderful scenery and a really fantastic coastal path.  

I have so many tales to tell about our walking here but a special moment was experienced at a place called St Govans Head, near Bosherton.  From the coastal path, at the top of a limestone cliff you take about 50-60 steep steps down and right into the tiny building below.  You can then pass through a door way to get a good look at the building from the otherside.  This is where Tim and I enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sun in blissful solitude.  It certainly gave us time to think about the monk St Govan.


St Govan apparently found a cave in this cliff after being chased by pirates way back in the 6th century, though there are several legends about how or why he stayed. The chapel is thought to be 13th century and built over the cave.  I hope that my photo, being in black & white gives it a bit of age!

I took another couple of photos and show these in colour – the first being our sideways view.


And the second colour photo shows where we sat – in amongst the boulders and shattered rocks.


And finally, as we left, another black & white photo taken inside the chapel.  As you can see it’s a building that has seen a fair amount of time and weather but still has a certain air about it.

3 thoughts on “St Govans Chapel, Pembrokeshire, Wales

  1. SueW

    Selina, hello. I’ve missed you lately. 🙂
    I love your pictures especially the black and white ones. Those one’s remind me of the dark interior of a castle or an abbey that’s partly intact, probably because they always appear grey or black and white even in the flesh.

    I hope you had a lovely relaxing stay in Wales and I’m so glad that you were able to finally get away.


    1. Selina Post author

      Thanks Sue. The whole thing felt a bit surreal – going away and the little chapel. Lovely part of the world but oh such a long drive for us. Coming home was a nightmare, in the car for 11 hours! Everyone travelling at the same time I think – start of 1/2 term school holiday and the promise of sunshine. It has taken a week to get over it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SueW

        Oh I can imagine – the long drive and a traffic jam in hot weather is everyone’s nightmare.
        I hope you’re rested now. 🙂


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