Starting the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

May 2021 – Pembrokeshire, Wales

It’s a giant fish.  Certainly a fine sculpture and it has a message for all of us.

On Sunday 16th May 2021 we started walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from the very beginning. For some its the very end, it really depends how you tackle this 186 mile (299 km) trail in South Wales.  Apparently it can take just 10 to 15 days to complete it – we will take…..well we will take as long as it takes!  Why rush?

It just so happened that our rented cottage was very close to the start (or end) and we could walk to it and complete the first few miles of the trail on day one of our holiday.  After our 400 mile journey the previous day it was a relief to leave our car behind.  The start for us was Amroth, which is a village on the south coast of Pembrokeshire 7 miles east of Tenby.  Here is the plaque that marks the spot.  The sun came out just as we posed for photos.

The plaque is at the quieter eastern end of Amroth – it didn’t take too long to walk 1/2 a mile to the other end of the beach.

Here we came across Bertie the Sea Bass sculpture and took some time to admire it. The message is that we can all try and take care with litter – in particular plastic before it gets into the sea and into our wildlife.  The sculpture was full of plastic bottles collected from local beaches.  It looked great overlooking the Bay of Carmarthen.

From here we walked on to the coastal hamlet of Wisemans Bridge, following a cliff top path (climbing steeply at first) through trees.  Eventually it leads out to the outskirts of Wisemans Bridge.

And the beach and generous parking along the front appears.  The parking I think is free here and goodness the Wiseman Bridge Inn was really busy with Sunday visitors.  All sitting outside of course as our restrictions continue in Wales as well as England and Scotland.

We walked to the other end and enjoyed our picnic lunch away from the crowds.

Apparently this beach was used to practice D-Day landings for the Second World War. It’s hard to imagine isn’t it?

 This was how we began our two week holiday.  It was a great taste of things to come.

More to write about our walks in Pembrokeshire to follow.
Thanks to GC and Sue for their very suitable midweek weekly prompts challenge of ‘Outdoor Artwork’ (linked below) this fitted right in to my blog post.

4 thoughts on “Starting the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

  1. SueW

    What a great sculpture. I marvel at those that come up with such wonderful ideas to discourage the seaside waste that so often ends up in the sea. Thank you, Selina.

    Liked by 1 person

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