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New Year : A year of walking (approx 700 miles)

A quick look back over the last twelve months and that has meant checking through lots and lots of photos of us – almost all of them with our walking boots on, striding out and ticking off the miles.  Phew we’ve really have done quite a lot.  With the weather having been so grey over the last few weeks it’s been a treat to see so many ‘sunny’ photos.

Inspired by a photographic challenge with the word ‘Walking’ here’s a quick review of our year with a single photo for each season.  Thanks Sue and GC, this was an easy one for me to take part in!

Winter (in the Lake District, Cumbria)

Spring (Devon)

Summer (Norfolk, oh my goodness it was so warm)

Autumn (Norfolk – see it’s not all flat ground in our home county!)

Happy New Year everyone.  Sorry I’m so late.  Hope it’s a happy and healthy one.

Photo Challenge Walking



Weekly Prompts : Advent

We are so late at putting up our Christmas decorations this year, so late with our tree – just so late.  Strangely we were ever so good at sending our cards – they all went last week.  To me that’s usually the first sign of Advent – standing in line at the Post Office for those Christmas stamps.  And, it’s always good to receive a little extra post through the letter box isn’t it?  I’m talking about post that’s actually addressed to you.  In this age of computer gadgetry and electronic messaging that would, quite honestly, frighten the life out of my grandparents if they were alive – I just like opening envelopes I suppose.   Not that Christmas wishes via the mystical ways of the Internet are less appreciated or heartfelt …

Thinking about this old tradition of sending and receiving cards, we received a novel one from some old friends yesterday that I thought I should share it.

For those of you at a certain age you may find this funny – think The Two Ronnies sketch…’s a classic.


Oh and if you’ve never seen this classic piece of comedy I’ve found it on YouTube. If you have seen it – enjoy.

Apologies for straying away from proper Advent things with this…..and my usual outdoorsy posts come to that.


Photo Challenge Advent


Weekly Prompts : Comparison

Thanks to the Weekly Prompts photo challenge I’ve been going back, way way back in time. Looking for ‘comparison’ ideas.

Doing this led me on to staring at old cine film taken by my dad.

As a bit of a test, rather strangely you may think, I took one of two photos while watching these old family home movies.   Unfortunately this doesn’t work too well and the quality of the film wasn’t that great anyway but hey it was worth trying.  Below is the best close up scene of me, my brother and sister sitting on a park bench (me in the middle), in Regents Park trying to behave for my dad who was taking the film.

The second shot was taken two years ago (43 ish years later).  Not outside on a park bench but indoors at a family get together.

My brother and sister are not always as keen as me to have their photo taken.  They have, in my mind, grown up, where I have not.  However you can still compare photos and see that we are most definitely those small people in the first image.

Thanks dad for taking all that film.  And for passing on the love of using a camera to me.


Photo Challenge Comparison

Weekly Prompts : Magical Place

Sometimes it’s just a matter of standing right under a tree and looking up.

Me with an impressive Beech tree.

Saurday 10th November 2018 : Felbrigg (Felbrigg Hall), North Norfolk

When the leaves start falling from the trees it’s the best time of the year to visit my favourite National Trust Hall and the grounds that surround it.

Yesterday we felt that we had arrived just in the nick of time – the leaves have been falling for a few weeks now.   In sunshine the autumn colour was glorious.  This is Felbrigg Hall at its best – in my opinion anyway.

An avenue of trees

It’s a magical place.

Yesterday in its dreamy golden light we strolled around, had a coffee at the cafe and went through the wood.

As a national trust establishment children are positively encouraged to get close to nature, have fun and build dens.

Build a den?

As for us – we always find that we can loose ourselves by going ‘off trail’ as we take turns with the camera.   And then there’s always a tree to hug – there are plenty to choose from!

I couldn’t hug this tree due to its size but I could sit on it.  This one is actually quite close to the Hall and car park but people passing didn’t seem to give it a second glance.  How old this tree must be, 200 years old maybe? or older….

What a tree

A Sweet Chestnut

I’ve written about Felbrigg before, in a previous post, so it’s definitely no secret as to how much I love this place.  If you’d like to see a photo of the hall please do click on the link to that old post as I didn’t do that this time.

By the way, this is what I was looking at in the first photo.

Looking up


Take a look at the trees.


Photo Challenge Magical Places




Word Prompt – Supernatural

A challenging word prompt this week!  I did a quick Google search and this usually appeared…

The supernatural is something that cannot be explained by scientific understanding or the laws of nature. 

That didn’t help me much as I scanned my photo collection.  The best I could do was this.

Scary stuff eh!?  Actually the bright light (dot) in the sky is Father Christmas and his sleigh taken on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago.  Sorry about the poor quality photo – I was shaking with excitement.

At least the Father Christmas story is how I explained it to my niece – who seemed to believe me.

Actually it was the space station travelling across the sky but hey that’s as close a supernatural thing as I’d like to see.

Heres my niece looking at Father Christmas.



Photo Challenge Supernatural

Weekly Prompts : Work of art

Creating a work of art…..

Simply sitting at a kitchen table with a drink of squash and taking a few coloured pens or pencils and drawing, for fun.  How often do we get the opportunity?

Here Tim and I are enjoying a couple of hours with Tims sister and brother-in-law – each of us with a mindfulness colouring book, transported back to our childhood when we truly thought we were creating works of art.

Tims sister has MS so doing something like this means that we can all do something together comfortably. For all of us it was relaxing and fun and I can thoroughly recommend giving it a go.

Photo Challenge Work of Art

Weekly Prompts : From the car

Thanks to the title of this challenge I am transported (ha,ha) back to our last car journey to South Devon on 1st September this year. From our home in Norfolk to our self catering accommodation the trip took an exhausting 9 hours!

From the M25 we would normally have taken the M4 then M5. However motorway signage advised us to avoid the M4. So we took the M3 instead….which in turn leads to the A303.  Ah, the country route.  Certainly not to be repeated if we can help it.

For some reason this view slowed everyone down and we crawled along for what seemed like forever.

Stonehenge on the horizon

Stonehenge from the passenger seat of our car

Stonehenge.  Prehistoric monument.  Wiltshire.  Reason for being built – Unknown.  Draws a good number of visitors from all over the world.  Quite impressive.  Close enough to the road to allow a reasonable photo from the car!


Photo Challenge From the Car