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WordPress Challenge : Scale

imageA ridge called Crib Goch in Snowdonia, North Wales.

This photograph was taken during our second crossing of this ridge – just ahead of us you can just see a couple of people scrambling their way across the rocks.  It helps to show the sheer scale of the place.

Our first crossing of this ridge was part of a route called The Snowdon Horseshoe and is detailed in an earlier posting.  If you would like to read it please do follow this link – I’d love to receive comments.




WordPress Challenge : Corner(stone)

St Andrews Church, Blickling, Norfolk

On the corner near the entrance.

This church is medieval but had lots of work done to it in the 19th century.  Still, it looks wonderfully old!

I took this photograph thinking it was perhaps a stone masons mark but actually it turns out to be an Ordnance Survey benchmark.  I’ve only just discovered this fact and can’t say any more about them except that in rural areas they were commonly used.


WordPress challenge : ooh shiny

September 2016 and we are on a Cornish beach taking a day off from walking.  We discovered a small beach call Kingsand and decided this would be the perfect spot to just sit and watch the waves for the day.

Then we discovered that the beach is regularly washed with tiny pieces of glass – all smooth from their time in the sea.  Brown, green, blue and white.  They are our shiny treasures and this is a photo of Tim hunting them!  Meantime I found my own treasure – a small stone (fairly shiny) with a heart shape on one side.

It was Tims birthday and seemed like the perfect present.

<a href=””>Ooh, Shiny!</a>

WordPress Challenge : Textures

Mid summer and our garden is still looking good.  Time to sit back and enjoy it.

One particular plant the Stachys Byzantina has flowers which have ‘gone over’ for this year.  Long stalks with tiny pale pink flowers that the bees loved have now been cut back.

It’s the leaves that are more impressive.  Woolly, thick, soft and fluffy in texture. It’s easy to see why it’s common name is ‘Lambs Ears’.


WordPress Challenge : Transient

Transient is used to describe a situation that lasts only a short time or is constantly changing.

I took this photo earlier this year and hope it represents the word we have been challenged with this week.

These shy (rare breed I think) sheep were quickly moving along a dusty track away from us.  They had spotted us before we spotted them.

It was a fleeting glimpse.  The adults had unusually long horns giving the whole scene the feeling of an African savannah not heathland in Suffolk, England.

We continued along our separate paths hidden from their view.

I set the camera to full zoom and sneaked through rough ground to try and photograph them while hiding behind a tree.  I only managed to get this one of the adult male.  If anyone knows what breed of sheep they may be please let me know.