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WordPress Challenge : Focus

A bit of fun with this weeks challenge.

I’m trying to keep track of bees visiting our garden.  From what I’ve managed to see so far there’s a good variety, including the all important Honey Bee.

This keeping track was inspired by a television programme encouraging people to record their sightings.  So, in an attempt to study them, and find out a bit more about them, I’ve been photographing theses busy creatures.

Here are a couple of ‘out of focus’ shots.  Shared with you before I delete them….


However I’m pleased with this one (below) even if it’s not quite what I was hoping for it makes me grin.  The bee, having visited this flower is heading just out of shot!  It seems to be in focus though.



WordPress Challenge : Evanescent

For a split second, between waves on a stoney beach I spotted this starfish.  It took me by surprise, the wave and the starfish, but as I had the camera in hand I took the photograph you see below.

Strange thing is I’ve seen a 12 legged (or is it 12 armed?) starfish before – only once and used it in a previous challenge.

Previous challenge

My camera was at the ready because I’d just taken a photograph of Southwold Pier.  A seaside town we love to visit as often as we can.



WordPress Challenge : Reflecting

This afternoon we decided to dust off the sun loungers from their winter hibernation.  It’s one of those lovely Sunday afternoons – lots of Spring bird song with some welcome warm sunshine (interspersed with fluffy cloud).

Laying back I hear, then spot, a small airplane bound for our local airport from Amsterdam.  Sometimes you can see the pale blue colouring of the KLM aircraft.  These flights often come in directly over our place, heading for Norwich, the only plane that has this flight path.

I’d been checking through photos I took yesterday so I point the camera to the sky and take the shot.  This afternoon the sun is ‘in the wrongs place’ and I’m a little slow but hey I’m in a relaxed mood.

Watching the plane go overhead it makes me reflect on holidays abroad and on childhood trips to my mothers birthplace Holland.  Reflecting on happy, carefree times.




WordPress Challenge : Danger

Personally I think there probably are too many signposts in our lives today.  However, this one stopped me in my tracks and maybe more important than others?!!

Photographed somewhere along the South West Coastal Path looking towards the Rame Headland, Cornwall (not too far from Plymouth).  Thankfully no warning flags were flying and no lights displayed.

<a href=””>Danger!</a&gt;

WordPress Challenge : Wanderlust

The South West Coastal Path covers 630 miles.  So far Tim and I have completed 281 miles in weekly holidays.

Just last week we walked another 40 miles from the counties of East Devon into Dorset.  This is a link to my latest post if you’d like to take a peak….

The Jurassic Coast (Part 1)

Or check an older post about Cornwall :-

South West Costal Path – Cornwall

We are on a mission and, we hope, nothing will stop us!