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Weekly Prompts : Magical Place

Sometimes it’s just a matter of standing right under a tree and looking up.

Me with an impressive Beech tree.

Saurday 10th November 2018 : Felbrigg (Felbrigg Hall), North Norfolk

When the leaves start falling from the trees it’s the best time of the year to visit my favourite National Trust Hall and the grounds that surround it.

Yesterday we felt that we had arrived just in the nick of time – the leaves have been falling for a few weeks now.   In sunshine the autumn colour was glorious.  This is Felbrigg Hall at its best – in my opinion anyway.

An avenue of trees

It’s a magical place.

Yesterday in its dreamy golden light we strolled around, had a coffee at the cafe and went through the wood.

As a national trust establishment children are positively encouraged to get close to nature, have fun and build dens.

Build a den?

As for us – we always find that we can loose ourselves by going ‘off trail’ as we take turns with the camera.   And then there’s always a tree to hug – there are plenty to choose from!

I couldn’t hug this tree due to its size but I could sit on it.  This one is actually quite close to the Hall and car park but people passing didn’t seem to give it a second glance.  How old this tree must be, 200 years old maybe? or older….

What a tree

A Sweet Chestnut

I’ve written about Felbrigg before, in a previous post, so it’s definitely no secret as to how much I love this place.  If you’d like to see a photo of the hall please do click on the link to that old post as I didn’t do that this time.


By the way, this is what I was looking at in the first photo.

Looking up


Take a look at the trees.


Photo Challenge Magical Places




WordPress Challenge : 2017 Favourites

To end the year we have been challenged with sharing our favourite photo/s of 2017 – a meaningful photo or gallery of photos.

Thats a challenge in itself isn’t it?  Generally I only ever add one photo when taking part in the WordPress challenges but this time, with the option to add more, I thought I would.  How about one photo for every season?

So this is a meaningful reflection of our year…

This first one may just be my favourite shot of the year.

Winter.  It was a lucky visit to one of our local beaches when we found large groups of seals just lounging about – officially known as a ‘haul out’.  This beach is now home to a very large colony of grey seals who use it as a safe place to give birth to their pups in November/December – the beach is roped off to avoid disturbing them.   At the end of January all the pups have disappeared from the beach and humans are allowed back onto the sand!   I crept as close as I dare and held my breath to take it.

Adult seals on Horsey Beach, Norfolk – January 2017

My second photo was taken in April while on holiday in Devon.  Having walked for several hours along the South West Coastal Path we found ‘our’ bench.  What a lucky find.  In warm spring sunshine we enjoyed our picnic lunch and felt so pleased with ourselves.  Not a sound except for bird song.  Ahead of us is Budleigh Salterton, a place that I’m sure we will visit again.

Our view of Budleigh Salterton, Devon – April 2017

Summer.  So many photos to choose from.  This one was taken on a rare day for me & Tim.  Too warm for walking we took our beach shelter and spent a few sleepy hours with our feet up, reading or just staring out at the unusually wave free North Sea.

In the shade on Walcott Beach, Norfolk – June 2017

Finally Autumn (or Fall – depending on where you live in the world).  A time that I never really used to appreciate.  Time it right and some of the best natural colours can be captured.  This photo was taken in the woods behind Felbrigg Hall, North Norfolk.  Even though some of the leaves in this shot hadn’t turned, oh my goodness it was beautiful.

The wood behind Felbrigg Hall – October 2017

Thank you to all those who are following my blog.

I hope everyone enjoys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2017 Favorites

Felbrigg Hall in Autumn

Saturday 19th November 2016

Felbrigg Hall is my favourite.  Of all the large country houses and estates that we’ve walked around over the years its the one that makes me smile.  Not sure why exactly.  It just does.


I wanted to try and photograph the Autumn colours before it was too late and the forecast looked good so off Tim and I set with our soup filled flasks, cheese and chutney sandwiches and camera batteries charged.  We had no hesitation about dragging our thermals out from the back of the cupboard as we were going ‘out on location’ after a really hard frost during the night.

Felbrigg is a small village in North Norfolk about three miles south of Cromer – the Felbrigg Estate is to the west of the village and covers about 520 acres.  Part of the Hall date back to the 17th century and is owned by the National Trust.

There are many trails and walks around the grounds and is suitable for all the family.  We parked near the entrance of the park and headed straight into the Great Wood which hugs the northside of the hall.  Full of ancient Oaks, Beech and Chestnut it’s absolutely wonderful.  Here are just a few photos.


image image image

We saw only one person in the first hour of venturing through the wood.  “Where is everybody?”  As usual, in these sorts of places, people don’t normally appear until about lunchtime so we could enjoy our photography and felt that we had the place to ourselves.

It’s worth looking down to the ground as well as up.  I often lay down to photograph the fungi.  Tim doesn’t understand my love of mushrooms but likes the results.


By the time we came round to the Hall it was time for lunch.  The Hall itself was closed for the season but the cafe and toilets were open – Hurrah!

On a nice day it’s certainly worth venturing south towards the lake and around to the church.  It was beautiful today so we couldn’t resist doing just that.


By the time we were back to the car other cars full of families and dogs were pilling into the estate.  This was 2:30pm.  Why do people leave it so late?  Oh well, we were on our way home, back before dark and in time for a nice cup of tea!

Felbrigg Hall and grounds – absolutely beautiful.

image image