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Fresh air

So it’s been a few days since my tentative world of blogging started and I hope to eventually talk about interesting walks we’ve done – starting locally in Norfolk then venturing further afield.  For the time being a gentle stroll around the garden as I’ve had a poorly start to the new year.  I have to say that this is not like me at all – generally I’ll happily walk miles.

Stepping out on wobbly legs I take on a couple of laps – honestly its not far (it’s really quite a small garden).  I’ve got two days to build myself up for returning to work and this is my start.  I have a desk job but I get out every lunchtime to “stretch my legs” – it’s so important to do this.  I can’t believe how some never do even when it’s lovely out!  Any ideas to encourage them gratefully received.  I’ll have to talk about this further – in another post.

Back on my wobbly walk I discovered some spring bulbs – already bloomed and were now fading! Our mild winter weather has made these poor plants think that February/March was already here.  Crocus – should flower in early spring. I think yesterday’s frost has got them.image

At the back of the garden Bluebells are emerging.  These usually flower in April/May – let’s hope for some cool weather to keep these back.


Out and about over the next few weeks I’ll be looking out for other signs of nature appearing untimely.  Meantime the link below also raises concerns.

Early daffodils nothing to worry about?

Just for a bit of colour here is one of our Bergenias (common name Elephants Ears) flowering….not supposed to do this til Spring either!