The biggest rarest butterfly in the UK

We are always on a journey. Our walks take us to some interesting places and we see some interesting things.

Mid May in Norfolk we usually make our way out to a local nature reserve with a specific aim. To spot the beautiful Swallowtail butterfly. It’s rare but holding on in Norfolk as its food source or rather the food source of its caterpillars, Milk Parsley, grows here.

This year we have been filming our walks and journeys to produce videos for YouTube and this week our latest video follows us as we look for these butterflies. Our channel, we hope, is a relaxing one. Hopefully enjoyed sitting back with a nice cup of tea or coffee – that’s our aim.

Here is a link to our video within our channel. The channel is called The Next Adventure because Tim has recently retired and so it seemed like the right name….Tim does almost all of the work, filming, editing and adding commentary – I just enjoy the journey.

The Next Adventure – Swallowtail Butterfly photographing and drone film

Here are a couple of photos from the video.

A lucky find – the Swallowtail Butterfly
Typical footpath along our route
Me on a path close to Hickling Broad

Hope it’s not too cheeky adding our YouTube Channel link to this one Sue/GC.

3 thoughts on “The biggest rarest butterfly in the UK

      1. SueW

        I understand how it would instil new life into both. I love new projects for that reason.

        I’d love to have a drone, and you’d imagine that here on the farm would be a perfect place to practise, but unfortunately, practising here would be out of the question because of our proximity to the airport.

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