Don’t forget to look upwards

Even though we spend lots of time travelling on foot we stop every now and then and take in the view.  Sometimes the view is mixed in with just having a rest or a coffee or, more importantly, having an ice cream.

Last week, on my birthday walk, we arrived in the small sleepy coastal village of Walberswick. We stopped.  Well we had just walked 14 miles!  And I’m another year older.  Then, glancing upwards, “hey look at that”.

A newly thatched roof had these characters in place. There are some wonderful craftsmen/women out there still keeping these old trades alive with impressive skills.

And a slightly closer view..

Photo Challenge Up


5 thoughts on “Don’t forget to look upwards

  1. Sue W

    I’m so glad you looked UP. I’ve never seen anything like that before, how wonderful. So glad you chose this one for the challenge.
    Happy Belated Birthday! You are an Aquarian like me.

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    1. Selina Post author

      Thanks Sue. I posted this yesterday morning and checking last night and the link didn’t seem to be working. But it has and does so that’s good! Aquarians – good all rounders!

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